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Top 3 Outdated Kitchen Styles

We’re going to be real honest here – there’s a chance your kitchen is seriously outdated. If you’ve been kidding yourself that the resurgence of mid-century modern design means your authentic 1960s kitchen is en vogue again – it’s time to face the olive-green Formica and get real.

If your kitchen suffers from outdated kitchen design, we invite you to contact your nearest, licensed and reputable kitchen design-build team (Artisan Kitchens & Countertops) and schedule a consultation. You’ll be surprised how affordable a kitchen makeover can be when you work with the right people.

Here are three signs you suffer from the most prominent outdated kitchen designs (and don’t worry – you’re not alone!):

The Countertops Are Peeling

Believe it or not, we’re not trying to sell you fancy-schmancy granite or quartz here (although you may want to check out some samples, to be sure). In fact, the modern laminate countertop options will knock your socks off.

What we do want to steer you away from are those peeling Formica countertops you and your guests must contend with now. Sure, the grandkids find great entertainment in “thwapping” loose corner edges before you have a chance to re-glue them in place. In the meantime, however, the peeling seams and loose edges mean moisture, grease and general food gunk can infiltrate your countertops and muck things up – literally.

It’s not pretty – and it’s not hygienic – so it’s time for a change. Click here for more information on our countertops for your kitchen.

Florescent Light Bars Have Flickered Your Guests Away


Hold on a minute while we prepare ourselves for all that florescent flickering. Florescent light bars were never very pretty, so we aren’t sure where on earth they came from. Somehow, somewhere, well-intentioned designers decided that was good enough for the public school classroom was good enough for our homey kitchens. We beg to differ.

It’s time to get rid of those visual nuisances (who or what looks good underneath them anyway?) and replace them with lighting fixtures that

enhance your kitchen aesthetics – not to mention the ability to see the food you’re chopping in the corner countertop pocket.

Lighting fixtures that enhance your kitchen design:

This includes a blend of recessed cans, pendants, swanky suspended light fixtures and/or undercabinet lighting options – and put them all on dimmers, won’t you?

Appliances Boast Colors Like Avocado, Burnt Orange & Harvest Gold

kitchen appliancesIronically, many of those earthy colors are trending right now, so on that – we applaud you. However, your energy consumption is deplorable. Those appliances were designed and manufactured long before anybody gave a hoot about energy efficiency or the plight of fossil fuel stores, air quality and the like.

Now, however, a new day has dawned. In this era, kitchen designers encourage clients to look for appliances with the Energy Star label. In return, you’ll benefit from beautiful new appliances that function soundly while using significantly less energy than their decades-old counterparts.

Other signs your kitchen might be ready for an overhaul?

  • It’s cumbersome to navigate.
  • There isn’t enough storage.
  • Even you must admit the cabinets or countertops are an eyesore.

We understand that finances are always an issue, and we also respect people who become so emotionally attached to their home that it’s difficult to make changes. If you don’t want to spend another Thanksgiving in an outdated kitchen, maybe it’s time to think about a remodel.

Give us a call and we’ll design a timeless kitchen that won’t need remodeling for another thirty years: (304) 754-3300